I consider myself to be a NAKED PERSON. I am not a naturist or a nudist. Being a naked person allows me to enjoy my naked lifestyle with total freedom of expression, although I have many naturist and nudist friends and fully respect the naturist and nudist way of life.

I have always loved being naked with other people and am passionate about bringing my alternative naked lifestyle to the attention of an intrigued and engaged viewing public.  
Since 2017 I have enjoyed taking part in numerous WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE events. The WNBR is an environmental protest event that takes a stand against the use of fossil fuels and fights for safer and cleaner roads for cyclists. It also celebrates the naked form which in all honesty is what initially drew me to these wonderful events. 

Cycling naked around large cities with thousands of onlookers is an exhilarating experience.
In recent years, as part of Thomas & Muse I have felt inspired and compelled to host exclusive naked events, performances and gatherings. We always find great support from the amazing naked community and it's a very great joy to come together and embrace our natural state in this way. 

I have met so many fantastic naked people over the years. My naked lifestyle has opened up a whole new world of exploration and I look forward to where it may next take me...

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