I started out as an artist and went to art college. Becoming an expressive naked and sex positive person has been a natural progression from my artistic roots.
I am part of creative duo THOMAS & MUSE with musician BEN THOMAS we create lots of weird and wonderful sights and sounds PLUS organise performance art events for naked (and clothed) people.
As part of Thomas & Muse I regularly sing on our tracks alongside a host of other talented musicians including Ben who produces the entire operation!
I mostly perform naked (as part of Thomas & Muse) - I love performing!
Making the LUCY MUSINGS podcasts is one of my favourite things to do. Joined by Ben expect lots of silliness and topical alternative and often outspoken conversation.
Film making is a huge passion of mine! I have a number of solo and collaborative series on the go which give a fun insight into my life and adventures! 

This is where it all began. Painting was the first way that I expressed myself as an artist. I started painting pictures of my naked self and now I paint on my naked body!

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